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Follow 9 simple ways to increase your website traffic 2017

SEO who visited your website is one of the most important impacts. However, for someone who is not an expert can feel overwhelming. But even if you do not know anything about SEO, you have to help increase your website traffic can apply some simple strategies.

Where to start with your SEO strategy WordPress you are confused about, here are Nine simple SEO steps that even newbie’s can follow.

Check Large Images

Your images are too large, then it will slow down the load time of your website. And your SEO strategy to increase your website traffic 2017  – – in order to keep your visitors happy while you load your website need to keep as low as possible. Even a few seconds can determine the difference when you are on the top or bottom of the first page, you need to cut the size of your images.

Checkout Broken Links

Links help search engine crawlers move from one page to another. When one of them is broken links, the crawler is unable to get to the next page. Even if it’s a real page at other websites link to your website, which can hurt your SEO traffic and are not added back to what happens. Broken links or links that go to a 404 page and to ask for a change to amend or check.

Setup a blog

A strong SEO strategy, you are constantly updating your website with new content needs. One of the easiest ways to do this is through blogging. Not only you are allowed to upload new content several times a week blogging, but you have the opportunity to use your keywords.

Keyword add Tile and Description

Keywords for high ranking on a search engine results page is the key. Because your title and Description of the first areas that a crawler will comb through, they need to have their keywords nominated for each position. You can easily make sure your keywords are clearly located in the right places can go through old posts.

Customers Reviews For your website

If you are a local business, you need to review customer. Prospects that deserve a positive review because you use a service that tells you having a good foundation of positive reviews can bring in new business through. Google and other search engines because it is highly recommended that you get reviews from the customers can also increase your SEO ranking. Customers are more confident, and you will have to rely on a search engine.

Duplicate And Low-Value Content

During its inception, SEO is something that generally the hands of IT professionals who work as technical best practices and was left in little more code was manipulated. In fact, during the early stages of SEO is so easy to create websites with duplicate content that many companies simply by creating a fake website and were gathering more traffic. These institutions savviest different websites with URLs similar to many of the top spots on the first page of results, many were able to claim.

Mobile Friendly

With Google moving towards a mobile-first index, or liable to any digital marketing website is not serving a dynamic risk losing their rankings in SERPs. The search engine company is still only a single index excluding index will be included in the mobile version of a website pages. Google still index websites with a desktop version of the same, however, they have a mobile user agent will have access to view the pages of the site.

Link Building

Backlinks, especially from diverse domains, are still an Important ranking factor. A website that links to another site, it’s as useful and relevant as an endorsement of the content of the website is viewed.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and other social media platforms such as post links to content from the search engine page count on the reliability of advertising so as to see them, a page rank backlinks social influence.

Backlinks from directories are useless; Exceptions professional directories and local directories, local SEO to really help with the creation of the citation said. Post earnings, depending on the link, by publishing content, the safest method is to deposit back.

Use social Media Share

In 2017, several business owners recognized the power of the Share button. These tools on the site to your readers / viewers for the people in your social network to further your content, making its brand more visible on the major channels enabling:



Google plus





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