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5 Best SEO Off Page Optimization Techniques

Many SEO Experts believe that the internal structure of your website rank better in SERP pages is very important. What they are saying is that On-page SEO is very important means something else. In fact, they are right. Better navigation for your website, the more chances to get ranked higher positions. But we can’t ignore the power of off-page SEO techniques.

  1. Guest Posting
  2. Forum Discussion
  3. Social Bookmarking
  4. Classified Submission
  5. Video Marketing

There are so many SEO off page optimization techniques which help you make good quality back links for your website. If you have a spray of good quality back links. Google gives your website first priority compare a website which does not have links or few back links.

Last few year in totally change in SEO, Like Off page Techniques and it is changing continue. Now there I am providing a various list SEO off page optimization techniques You promote your SEO campaign should consider. 

Guest Posting :-

 Guest posting one must consider SEO techniques for all projects. Guest Posting is that you are write a posts for other website. Guest post is very best way, Note only represent your stuff to new users, But you can get also a very good quality and valuable back link from other high pr website.

Guest posting is the key to writing for readers valuable and fresh content. Readers like your content on the website, they certainly would love to visit your website. That means without involving any spamming activities,Your guest posting directly boost your traffic. Another thing that always suggested that, always approach website quality of guest post.

Forum Discussion

Participating in Forum discussions to Direct traffic Generate your site SEO page optimization techniques. Forum sites related to your niche create your profile and start posting in the forums.

Rather than just posting your website links everywhere and try to be more professional. You can add your target keywords and links to your website in the signature field.

Every forum site has its own rules and guidelines in order to participate in the discussion forum. The first step to completing your profile. This is an optional field, so even your full information.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is not completely dead. Submit your Web pages to social High Pr Social Bookmarking sites list still in a decent position to rank your website on the search engine result pages are very helpful for.

Bookmark what they want to read in order to provide your target audience is one of the important tools. Quality content rank well for social bookmarking sites.

While for bookmarking your site, you can use your Meta keywords. Always authority and believe that your website site of the site before you submit the site to check the flow of the bookmark.

Classified Submission

Classified is the best way for advertise your website on internet. Thousands classified website available on internet you can use to post classified for your website. But always remember a thing the most classified website service provides for 3 months to the submission date. After 3 months it’s recommended to renew post your classified. 

Video Marketing

Same as photo sharing, video and very popular media is Better SEO for your website to. If you have some relevant videos to websites, such as those on the video sharing website YouTube, video sharing.


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